There are two sides to architecture.


From one side it is the quality of design and opinionated judgement towards it – whether one likes or dislikes its appearance.


From another side it is about the functionality of architecture and the professional responsibility of its structure and function in use.


Both are influenced by the funding through construction and post-construction stages.


Good architecture is one that can equality relate to both sides.  

More than 1000 developed design projects

More than <span>1000</span> developed design projects

Architectural services

Public buildings

Architectural concept on public buildings often begins with a story that the client and architect want to convey through design. The storey relates to surrounding context analysis which is developed into spatial planning and concluded in architectural form proposal. ... Read more...

Residential Buildings

Communal spaces and elementshave equal importance in design development. This includes integration of staircase, elevator, garden, children’s playground, car park, landscape, solar desing, wind analysis and other considerations. All conditions should reflect into architectural design and form homely ... Read more...

Industrial buildings and engineering

To avoid typical shed looking building it is important to balance the buildings purpose with clever architectural design by using simple approach on material selection, contemporary detail, designing building with personality as well as providing consideration to the surroundings and built ... Read more...

Interior design

It is very important to maintain well-functioning spaces as well as selecting and arranging furniture, fittings and other room functioning elements, such as window curtains, sockets and switches. Well considered design should make room function comfortable for its users. ... Read more...

Landscape Design

Landscape has important role in forming building surroundings and enhancing concept design not just in architectural form, but also in its relation to surroundings, components and its users. ... Read more...

Architects office

How to reduce costs with good architecture?

Poor functionality design can add to the overall building area by up to 7%. It is as important to rationalise the functionality of architecture as each square meter will cost client at least one thousand EUR. Find out now, how detailed design can reduce the construction costs.

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